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My Services

From the tiniest of breeds to the larger of our fury friends. I am able to offer services to suit all.

Please note that all prices stated below are a guideline and the final price will be dependant on coat type, condition and dog temperament.

As a dog groomer, my first priority is the welfare of any dog in my salon. My aim to always to make the dog at ease and will always take that extra bit of time to ensure they are comfortable. If your fury friend has developed an unmanageable coat that is causing both you and them some distress then I can offer a free consultation to agree the best course of action to bring the coat back to its former glory.

Dog Haircut

Full Grooming

The full service to keep your pooch looking top notch!

I will check for any matts or knots, then bathe, blow-dry and body brush with a full groom to breed standard or a tailored trim as per your personal preference.

Small £35

Medium £40-£45

Large £50-£60

full grooming

Puppy's First Groom

For just £10, I can provide your puppy with an initial introduction to the salon, with the option of having their first bath or brush. No clipping is done in this session.

Image by Austin Kirk
puppy groom
bath brush blow dry
Washing the Dog

Bath, Brush & Blow Dry

Does what it says on the tin. Your pooch will be checked for any matts or knots, then brushed, bathed and blow dried. Perfect for in between full grooming sessions or for shorter haired breeds.

Small breeds - £30

Medium - £35

Large - £40

Nail Clipping

We all know that clipping your dogs nails at home can prove a bit of a battle and a lot of people worry about cutting them down too far and hurting their pooch. I offer a nail clipping service for just £10. Providing your dog is comfortable, all long nails will be clipped. Most dogs do not enjoy this experience so it may take a few visits to build trust. 

Image by Kristine Tanne
nail clipping
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